Sometimes it is difficult to get confirmation or feedback for an action that a user performs on the device. The device also needs to inform the user of some activity that is happening on the device.


Provide a consistent notification method across the device, confirming the user's action. It should also display an error that has occured or provide choices that the user can select to proceed with the activity.
It is used to notify the user that an action, user-initiated or otherwise has completed.

How to Use

Toast notifications, for brief messages that come from the background application .


Status bar notification, for persistent reminders that request user's response.


Dialog notification to show progress bar or a short message that requires confirmation from the user


Icon notification indicates specific updates at a glance. It could be the number of unread messages/emails, number of friend requests or messages etc. It is usually a quick overview of the changes since your last visit.



  • Make sure that the notification dialog does not hide the application that is running in the background entirely.
  • There should also be a audio/tactile indication that the notification dialog is up.
  • The title of the dialog should not be generic or ambigious but clearly indicate the nature of the dialog.
  • The description in the dialog should be short and clearly indicate the nature of the dialog and the action to be performed on it.
  • Buttons in the dialog should clearly indicate the action to be taken. Appropriate choice of button color should implicitly guide the user on what action to take, like red for cancel/exit and green for continue.