Enter information on the phone when on the go. It is difficult to use the software/keyboard to enter information in the phone when you are walking or driving.
Provide an accessibility feature that will help blind and mobility impaired users to operate the phone effortlessly.


Enter information on the phone by issuing voice commands to the device.
There are a number of features such as dictating text messages and emails, playing music, calling contacts from your address book, searching the web, open webpages and dictating notes that can be done using voice activated commands.

How to Use

The option to enable voice activation is available on the menu as an option. It is usually represented by a microphone button, pressing on which voice control can be activated.
Some of the common commands that can be voice activated are:
  • Calling a contact.
  • Playing music.
  • Making text auto-correction.
  • Asking time, weather,directions etc.
  • Getting general help.
  • Cancelling voice control.


Iphone Siri

Siri is a voice activation system that is able to process a lot of natural language requests to give you the information you need.
There are many other personalized features in Siri, including the ability to set reminders based on your location, process and store personal relationships, ability to schedule calendar events, get stock info, retrieve basic facts and figures from Wolfram Alpha, and set alarms and timers.

Open Mic

A new voice-command feature in Android is the "open microphone experience," which lets you activate voice input just by talking to your phone--instead of pushing a button.



  • Support of multiple languages.
  • Provide an option to enable or disable voice control clearly in the UI.
  • Provide settings to control voice options like sound, tone , frequency etc.