To display a list of items on the screen that could be images, text or buttons, for purposes of navigation.


A scrolling menu is used when the number of selection items are limited.
It is a list of items which are usually images ,that can be scrolled to access the list. A selction is made by selecting an item in the scroll list.
It is displayed using thumbnails of images for easy identification with the least amount of clicks. Due to it's dynamic nature, it can be used to make the site more fun.
The list can be either horizontal or vertical. It can also be viewed as an icon menu.

How to Use

The focus is on the center of the scrolling list by default and the user can gesture through the list by flick/pan on a touch device.




  • Make sure that you indicate the start and end of the list by using visual indicators like an arrow or a button, to give the user an idea of the length of the list.
  • Make sure that the current selection is highlighted to indicate it's position in the list.
  • The scrolling speed should be such that the user can comfortably scroll and select an item without being disoriented by the speed.