Provide a way to display sub-menu items from the main navigation menu.


Pop-out menu also know as fly-out menus display menu items from the main menu and provide direct access to sub-navigation.
Usually submenus are implemented using pop-out menus and when the screen space is small. It provides instant access to items in the sub-menu.

How to use

It is a combination of horizontal menu where the sub-menu flies out when the user hovers over the main selection and a scrolling menu , where the user can select an item in the sub-list.



  • Make sure that the fly out menu does not have more than one level of navigation as it takes up space when the option expands.
  • Differentiate the flyout menu navigation from the main menu, else it will be difficult to distinguish between the main menu and the sub-menu . To overcome this issue, make sure that the flyout is horizontal for a vertical menu and vice versa.