It is difficult to get immediate sensory or tactile feedback on whether a button has been pressed or not.


Provide immediate vibration or tactile feedback when a key has been pressed. The use of sound to simulate vibration can also be considered as an alternative solution.
Use haptic feedback to emphasize that an action happened or to communicate in another channel, when users may not notice audio or visual cues. Usually it is never used alone and is combined with audio or visual indicators. When audio-simulation is combined with vibration, it is known as audio-haptic feedback.

How to Use

The vibration should emulate real objects like pressing on a button, making a selection etc.
Haptic feedback on the keyboard can help improve typing speeds while simultaneously reducing errors.



  • Excessive use of haptic technology may cause battery drain.
  • More than one vibration for an action can cause confusion when combined with audio and visual feedbacks too. At the same time, if the tone of the vibration is low or very short, it can be mistook for an accident.