Display menu items to allow selection of only one item at a time.


Drop-down menus can be used when there are few menu items so that the list does not cover up the entire screen. It is a legacy control from the desktop world.
It has a static title of the options in the list box. The menu is activated when the user selects the title of the menu and then he can select only one item from the drop down list. When an option is selected, the control reverts to the original inactive state, displaying the selected value.

How to Use

Used on the home page to get to other applications on the device.

In the custom drop down menu below, the menu pane slides upwards as you scroll. This unusual approach enables the menu to remain usable despite its position at the very bottom of the view.

Some menus do not open directly within the browser. Instead, they are launched in a new screen which allows full scrolling of the menu and comfortable selection of a list item.


  • Drop down menus should be used sparingly in mobile devices as they open within the context of the main page , obstructing controls behind the dropped down list.
  • Make sure that the number of items in the list is not long that might require scrolling. Selecting an item with accuracy will be difficult given the small size of the control.
  • Make sure to provide feedback of actions taken on the list as , if an item is not selected , it might be difficult to know how to get out of the control.