Allow users to call up someone by entering phone number on the device.


Provide a dial pad to enter the phone number and also to initiate/activate the call.
All phones should have the option to call someone either by entering the number or by selecting pre-stored numbers in the contact cards.
This pattern is concerned with only the numeric entry and certain aspects of the overall interaction of the Dialer application.

How to Use

It usually consists of 3 areas, the top section for displaying the entered number, the middle section that holds the dial pad for entering the numbers/names to contact and the bottom section to perform other call related activites like looking up contacts, looking for voice mail, checking call history , edit contact cards etc.


Not only can dial pad be used to call a number but it can also be used to select a contact for messaging purposes too.

The dialpad can also be made more interesting by using gestures to select the number as per the retro style of dialing the phone.


  • When the user enters a series of numbers, the numbers should be auto-separated based on country code, area code and the individual phone number.
  • Feedback when pressing the keys on the dialer, in the form of sound, or haptic feedback is advisable, as it enables the user to type quickly and efficiently.
  • If the phone number being entered is new, provide an option to save the number once the user has completed the call.
  • If the phone number entered already exists in the contact card, provide suggestions from the contact list as the user is typing the number.
  • The dialer keypad should be part of the keyboard as one of the keyboard layouts based on the input scope of the text area under focus or action selected.
  • Actions to call or canel the call should be indicated clearly by using appropriate colors , red for canel and green to make the call.