Provide a way for the users to comment on shared content.


Provide comment feeds to allow users to enter comments/suggestions for the content under question.
If your app deals with content that is shared or can be viewed by other users, e.g. photo's, video's, audio files or text, you could add the feature to comment on it.

How to Use

The comment is entered by selecting the option to enter a comment.

Comments are also entered as a question and answer forum for a topic.

Pressing on an indicator like a plus sign or a comment button brings up the text box to enter the comment.


  • There should be an option to view the history of comments made so far. This enables the user to keep track of information.
  • The indicators to enable comment action should be intuitive or clearly explained like a plus symbol , or a button with 'add comment', etc.
  • Details about the person making the comment should be displayed clearly and easily differentiated from the next comment.
  • Metadata like time and the location of the person making the comment make the interaction more meaningful.