Provide a quick tutorial to the user on how to use a new control or application on the device.


Use coach marks to indicate the actions that can be performed on the application and explain what the controls on the application are meant for.
It can be used when new and custom controls are introduced that have never been used before.
It is also used to help navigate a new application (mostly games ) easily and take appropriate actions on the control.

How to Use

They can be implemented as peel away tabs with text on it to indicate the action that needs to be performed.

It can also be implemented as arrows to indicate actions with/without text associated with the arrows.


Coach marks can also be implemented as messages or dialogs that pop up over the control that needs to be actioned on.



  • Make sure that the coach marks are congruent with the overall design of the application.
  • The option to disable the coach marks should be available via settings, as the user gains experience over time. By default, enable the marks.
  • Make the animations and images associated with the coach marks intuitive and user friendly.