Hold the user's attention long enough to perform an activity on the app. Make the device more fun and interesting and the user feel entertained.


Introduce animation to the apps and the overal activites on the device to make it more interactive and augment the visual appeal.
It is usually used for games to make interactions more fun. It can also be used for overall site navigation, notification updates etc. to make the experience more interactive.

How to Use

It can be implemented by applying a combination of specific interactive elements and an appropriate visual style.

Startup screen

When used during startup after reset, it makes the experience fun and keeps the user occupied.

Animated app


Animated home screen


Animated games

Games are by far the most animated areas on a mobile device, as games by nature need to be interactive and engage the user's attention for long.


Animated navigation

Navigation to another page or app can be made more interesting by animating the switch to another screen or frame.


  • If the flow or speed of the animation is too fast, it can be disorienting.
  • The number of successive animations should also be taken into account to make the experience more fun and less confusing.
  • Heavy animations that involve a lot of interaction elements might drain power quickly.
  • Animation should be used when the context is light and not for mundane tasks that need to be done quickly and without any effort like opening an app, navigating to a control etc.