Place advertisements on the app or device to provide bussiness sponsorship.


Ads need to be placed in a prominent place in the app but still not distract the user from performing normal actions on the device.
Make the placement of ads consistent across the device and easy to action on. The actionable part of the ad should be visibly different from the rest of the ad.
Usually the ideal location for the placement of the ad is right , bottom or bottom right and it is usually fixed.

How to Use

Custom Search Ads

These ads are shown based on customer preferences.

Ads located at the bottom of the screen


Click to call Ads

These ads are actionable and can be used to directly call the business.


  • Making the ads similar to the content of the app to avoid confusion between the two. Provide a clear demarcation between the ad and app content.
  • Animating ads as they distract and annoy the user and ultimately defeat the purpose of the ad.
  • Placing ads in a position that occupies more than 25% of the screen space.
  • Placing ads on main/primary applications of the device like email, messaging, phone etc.
  • Make the text of the ad small or add unnecessary images that detracts from the message of the ad.